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Our Story

The Your Virtual Care Assistant story is one that you have heard time and time again; several friends were talking one day and.....

We have all heard the story of how something was created to fill a need. Well, in the case of Your Virtual Care Assistant it is a similar story. All of these friends had or were facing a similar situation providing support for a loved one battling Alzheimer's. One of the friend's mother in law had just passed away, and everyone seemed to have a similar story or were facing the same situation now.

While these friends were talking, the same challenges and issues kept being referred to, how to provide the best possible care for a loved one battling Alzheimer's. There had to be a better and more pro-active way to keep family and close friends updated on issues. And, while doing so, provide a better way to access the tools, products, and services needed by the caregivers.

What they needed to do was to build an online solution that would allow family and close friends a way to connect with their loved one. It had to be accessible from anywhere, flexible, fun, and easy to use. The idea of the Your Virtual Care Assistance care page was born, if we used internet technology, we could build a web-based care tool that was private and managed by a single family member who oversaw the caregiving that their loved one received. 

Anyone who has witnessed the impact and devastating effects of Alzheimer's first hand can tell you the battle is a long hard one filled with emotions and pain for the entire family.