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Enhancing the Human Touch of Caregiving

"Your Virtual Care Assistant" is a turn-key solution that gives you a 360 degree view of your Home Healthcare Agency.

One of the most challenging aspects of caregiving is tracking what your employees have done with a customer.
  • * Medication given on time?
  • * Did the loved one eat?
  • * Therapy completed?
  • * Activities scheduled?

All of this leads to phone calls and question that take up your valuable time. Part of our 360 degree view of your Home Healthcare Agency is a complete set of activity trackers that automate the customer notification process. When an employee completes a task such as morning exercise, your employee simply touches the activity and then presses submit. A notification message is automatically sent via text (text rates may apply) and/or email to you and the families designated care manager. Try the activities tracker below for yourself:

Our Home Healthcare Agency Software

The challenges facing your employees and independent contractors are many.
They include managing multiple types of life care needs for each customer they service such as:
* Grooming, Hygiene Guidance, Toileting, and Incontinence Care
* Nutrition, Meal Preparation, and Grocery Shopping/Errands
* Conversation, Companionship, and Medication Reminders
* Mobility Assistance, Transferring, and Positioning
* Light Housekeeping, Laundry, Doctors Appointments, and Transportation

To the personal challenges of:
* Time keeping, Proper billing, documentation, and legal requirements
* Continuous training, regulation updates, balancing personal and professional life

And what about the challenges you the owner faces everyday?
Managing your business:
* Reducing cost, Cash flow, Profitability
* Maintaining good customer relationships and growing the business
* Banking issues, Government entities, Legal requirement, Personal needs
Managing clients:
* Answering question regarding what your employees did
* Unexpected client schedule changes
* Adapting to changing needs and new customer set up
Managing your clients loved ones:
* Do your employees have all emergency contact they need?
* The loved one is receiving proper nutrition, meal preparation/delivery?
* Did grocery shopping/errands get completed according to schedule?
* Is the loved one happy and receiving companionship?
* Were medication reminders and distribution completed when required?
* Did they make all scheduled Doctors appointments?
* Is transportation available?
Managing employees:
* Insuring proper billing for activities preformed, Legal documentation, permits and insurance requirements
* Regulation changes that require additional employee training
* Schedule management including vacation planing and adjusting to emergency situations (personal leave, sick time etc.).
"Your Virtual Care Assistant" is designed to help you manage all aspects of your Home Healthcare Agency

Below are some of the tools that are part of a "Your Virtual Care Assistant" solution..
On-line Forms
Our solution includes a set of pre-built forms to automate many of the manual tasks that your employees perform today, we can even build custom forms to meet any business requirement. Each time a form submitted an email is sent to you or a designated staff member like an HR manager, and to the families care manager. With these pre and custom built forms you reduce:

* Phone calls - no more questions or misdirected request that are transferred
* Printing - no more sticky notes and printouts of emails
* Walk-in's - no more walk-in's that tie up your staff answering questions
* Time - the resident or family can fill out on-line request forms
* Transparency - you give the family more control over the care of their loved one

Responsive Design, a solution that works on every type of device
"Your Virtual Care Assistant" is built using responsive design programming which means they work on any type of device, smart phone, tablet, lap top and desk top. So no matter what tomorrow brings, our solution is ready.
Touch Screen
With the responsive design programming we have also developed our solution to work using touch screen technologies. This means you do not need a keyboard or mouse to use "Your Virtual Care Assistant" simply touch and go it saves time and effort.
Turn-Key Support
Turn-key means we do all the work setting up your "Your Virtual Care Assistant" solution. Our solution provides you, your employees and independent contractors with an easy to use web based solution that gives everyone access important information about your clients. All of this improves customer communication, caregiving, time management and tracks the activities of your employees so you know your clients are receiving the best possible caregiving.
Business Tools

Additionally, your "Your Virtual Care Assistant" includes the following tools:
* Payroll
* Billing
* Scheduling
* HR system
* CRM system
* Vacation planning
* Training scheduling

Sign up for a Demonstration

Sign up for a demonstration and you can see for yourself how a "Your Virtual Care Assistant" solution for your Home Healthcare Agency will reduce your stress, improve customer relations, reduce cost and best of all make your employees happy.

Now you can:
* have a modern way to provide information
* bridge your company with your customers
* document time employees spend with a client
* informs your customers that an employee arrived
* documents when a service was preformed
* eliminates legal concerns with documentation
* uses email and text messaging to update everyone
* increased efficiencies of your office staff
* reduces walk in's, phone calls and random emails
* gets replacement employees up to speed quickly

Because providing proper caregiving is so dynamic please contact our sales department to discuss your requirements (number of CNA's, staff, locations, and integration to existing business tools) to get exact pricing.

Call sales toll free 1 888 238 3094

Or email our: sales department