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In today's fast paced world, just finding time to visit a loved one can be challenging and families are often overwhelmed with all the work needed to provide the best possible caregiving to a loved one. Scheduling appointments, researching service companies, ordering needed supplies will quickly add stress and can quickly become overbearing.

Every day, families just like yours struggle with these and other requirements to provide the best possible caregiving for a loved one with Alzheimers, Dementia, Parkinson's, or one of the many age-related health issues that can impact a loved one. In this environment, challenges to maintain a successful career and a balanced lifestyle become even more of a struggle.

But, with your free family care page you can better manager these challenges and get family and friends involved.

A Free Service That Provides Assistance for Home Caregivers, Families and Friends

Your Virtual Care Assistant offers a free, online care page that provides important information to caregivers, friends and family about your loved one along with tools that help you manage, schedule and deliver the support you provide in a timely, complete manner.

Why Do You Need A Family Care Page?

Life is stressful enough, add multiple types of caregiving needs such as these and caregiving can quickly become overbearing:

* Balancing Personal and Professional Life
* Managing Caregiving, Personal and Professional Time
* Addressing the Financial Burdens of Caregiving
* Providing Grooming and Hygiene
* Coping with Toileting and Incontinence
* Completing Cleaning, Laundry and Other Household Tasks
* Providing Conversation, Companionship
* Administering Medications and Other In-Home Services
* Refilling Prescriptions Promptly
* Assuring Nutritional Needs are Met
* Shopping for Groceries and Other Commodities
* Completing Errands as and When Necessary
* Preparing Meals or Scheduling Delivery
* Obtaining Transferring and Other Mobility Support

And, as you know, these are just some of the challenges you face.

Our free family care page enables you to create and a "community of loving care", uniting family, close friends and caregivers with your loved one. It is an online resource that creates a place to see, read, and know what is going on with your loved one while tools that help you provide the best, most timely, accurate caregiving to your loved one.

To get your free Family Care Page click here!

When you are ready to create and try your own free care page, fill out the on-line care page by clicking here. When complete, the system will build your free family care page. Once built, you can freely distribute access to your family care page (via email or any social media that you use) to family and friends so they are always up to date on the condition of your loved one; what items they may need; important dates coming up; and many other helpful pieces of information.